The rise of anger

NIGER - 1992

The national conferences ended in Niger. However the consequences of the meetings were unexpected. No measures were taken to judge the criminal actions of the Malian soldiers who committed atrocities and the officers and soldiers were not condemned.

A political group named UDPS (Union for Development and Social Progress), which has great influence in the Tuareg region, proposed creating a federal country, that could solve a large part of the problem. This proposal was rejected during the national conference.

In response, the young Tuaregs disappointed by the failure of this conference, created the Front of Liberation of Aïr and Azawagh  (FLAA).

The north of the country became a security zone and no more public information was provided from there.

The reaction of the government versus the new born FLAA was first to create a security zone in the north of Niger in March 1992.
Approximately 180 Tuaregs, presumed to be rebels, were captured the following August and most of them were killed extra-judicially.
For a second time, the government viciously managed to convince the neighbouring tribes to fight against the Tuaregs and as a consequence, create an inter-ethnic civil war.

At the end of 1992, Niger adopted a new constitution.

MALI - 1992

In 1992, after the tragic episode of Léré, a national pact between Tuaregs and Malians was signed. 
Note that the claims were supported by the UN Working group for Indigenous Peoples (branch of the United Nations) which had the same kind of requests for this region.

The national pact induced a period of calm. Thanks to this pact, the Malian government made some changes: to administrative conditions of the three regions in the north of Mali; a demilitarization in the north; the integration of 3 000 Tuaregs into the Malian Army; and promised to make efforts to integrate Tuaregs into both economical and political life.

However, many other incidents occurred : the deaths of 12 workers for the "Assistance of the Norwegian church" in May 1992 in Gossi and during the same month 48 breeders were killed close to a well near the Mauritanian Border in Foïta. 

As a consequence, hundreds of thousands of Tuaregs fled to Mauritania, Algeria and Burkina Faso. The cities in the north of Mali were totally purged of Tuaregs.

In 1992 Alfa Oumar Konare was elected as the new leader of a civilian government.